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Amp-To-Amp Support

Since November of 2003 a group of veteran amputees from the National Amputation Foundation has driven down approximately every 6 weeks, to visit our wounded troops recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.
As an organization whose members are all service connected amputees, we well understand the pain that these young amputees feel. Our goal is to show through support and example, that there is indeed, life after amputation.
This program, which is called Amp-to-Amp Support, allows the new amputee to express his or her feelings and concerns as they face their future - living a life without limb(s). We also speak to the spouses and parents of our wounded, who sometimes can be at a loss on what to do or say, to best help their loved one.
Since the National Amputation Foundation is a veteran based organization, we can also explain what veteran benefits they could be entitled to if they retire from the military, as well as what benefits they may receive if they elect to remain on active duty.
The National Amputation Foundation is proud to be a part of this important mission and plans to continue these visits until all of our troops are safely home.
We wish to thank those of you that have made each of these visits possible and continue to help, by supporting our Amp-to-Amp program.
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Clockwise: John Devine, soldier, Paul Bernacchio, Don Sioss and John Behan.