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Scholarship Program

The Claude S. Weiler Scholarship for Amputee College Students
(Scholarship in Memory of William Cashman, Flight #93, 9/11/2001)

     The National Amputation Foundation is proud to offer scholarships to college students with a major limb amputation, who will be attending an accredited university as a full time student. A major limb amputation is described as loss of limb beginning at or above the wrist or ankle. The scholarship application period begins September 1st with a deadline of August 31st. The amount awarded is determined by the number of applicants.

     To apply for the Claude S. Weiler Scholarship, the requirements are as follows:

  • A letter from an attending physician (on letterhead) confirming that the student has a major limb amputation.
  • A letter from the college confirming that the student will be (or is) attending the school as a full time student. Please make sure the school address is included.
  • A copy of the students transcript, or a letter from the high school or college, confirming the student is in good standing
  • The student's Proof of American Citizenship, i.e. copy of birth certificate or naturalization papers.
  • The student's school ID number.
  • A short letter (not more than one page) from the student explaining how the loss of limb(s) has affected his or her life.

         The winning students will be notified and the scholarship will be sent directly to the Bursar's Office at the college.

         Please send your request to:

    The National Amputation Foundation
    Att: Claude S. Weiler Scholarship Coordinator
    40 Church Street
    Malverne NY 11565