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About NAF

The National Amputation Foundation was founded in 1919 by a group of amputee veterans who suffered the loss of limb or limbs in the service of our country in World War I. From its inception, the Foundation was aware of the needs unique to amputees and therefore, dedicated all its efforts to helping all veteran amputees. Since then, the Foundation has expanded its facilities to include civilian amputees as well.
The Foundation sponsors an Amp-to Amp program. Whenever feasible, an amputee member of our organization who has returned to a normal life, visits the new amputee. This has proven to be a real morale builder. We have a list of support groups for every state and we offer booklets and pamphlets of special interest to the amputee. We also accept donated medical equipment, which is then given out to anyone in need.

New Concerns
The National Amputation Foundation (NAF) has for over 50 years been offering valuable assistance to veterans of World War I, II, Korea, the Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. The new civilian amputee has become a major concern to the Foundation. Unlike the new veteran amputee who is generally a male and relatively young, the new civilian amputee is older and includes many female amputees. The amputee population has been increasing due to accidents, (this category includes both young and old and male and female) diabetes, cancer and vascular conditions. We have found that in many cases the civilian amputee suffers a greater psychological trauma than the young soldier.
The Foundation has no promoters, solicitors, or professional fundraisers. The Foundation's revenues are derived from an annual golf outing, where a foursome is made up of 1 amputee golfer and 3 able body golfers. While this fundraiser continues to be an important source of income, funds are urgently needed to continue to expand the vital services of the NAF. The Foundation is asking for aid on behalf of all amputees. The men and women who have suffered and those who will be suffering the amputation of limb or limbs, need to know that there is an organization, the NATIONAL AMPUTATION FOUNDATION, who stands willing and ready to help them to help themselves to become well-adjusted citizens, who live normal useful lives.

Please help us by becoming an Honorary Member of our Foundation. A yearly membership fee of $25 not only helps us to keep our many programs active and viable, but also entitles the member to receive our publication, “The AMP,” which contains articles and information of interest to veterans and amputees.

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