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Prosthetic Art

Free for Veterans - Prosthetic Art

     Dan Horkey, amputee, is on a mission to help the masses around the globe.
He helps the disabled using Prosthetic Limbs and Orthopedic AFO, KAFO braces Children, Women and Men around the globe feel whole again in a very Unique way, the Prosthetic INK Technology.

     Dan calls company end results “tattoos” since the artwork is applied to a body part, albeit artificial, and helps people feel good about themselves expressing their own personality and interests.

     Dan Horkey set out to develop the first business of its kind in the World to offer state of the art Patent Pending methods that are airbrushed, fine art hand-brushed, pin stripe designs or painted with automotive colors. Since 2008, providing durable, quality finishes similar to what you see on cars, street rods and choppers.
Ask us about FREE services for Veterans

     VA Hospitals are purchasing our approved options, with qualified consult script 100% covered and sold direct to VA Hospitals and Private VA Contractor Clinics.
GTOPI L.L.C., a Small Disadvantaged Business listed in the CCR # 024489295

     See our flyer!

Retail Sales 
Serving Children, Women and Men around the globe everywhere UPS ships.
Dan Horkey Innovator CEO

Helping fellow amputees and those who wear orthopedic braces regain
self-esteem, courage making them feel whole again.

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Customer Service Direct 360-895-1976 Fax 360-876-7733

Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations LLC

2981 Lowren Loop Port Orchard, WA 98366-4085 USA

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