_____A Manual for Above-Knee Amputees$4.00
_____A Manual for Below-Knee Amputees$4.00
_____Americans with Disabilities Act$1.00
_____Amputee's Guide for Above-Knee$3.00
_____Amputee's Guide for Below-Knee$3.00
_____Amputees Manual - Mauch S-N-S Knee$2.00
_____Artificial Feet - Prostheses Lower Limb Amputees$1.00
_____Care & Use Guide for Below-Knee Amputee$2.00
_____Children with Hand Differences$3.00
_____Children with Limb Loss - 6 to 12 Years Old$3.00
_____Children with Limb Loss - Adolescents$3.00
_____Children with Limb Loss - Birth to 5 Years Old$3.00
_____Effects of Loss of Limb on Sensory Functions$2.00
_____Exercises for the Lower Extremity Amputee$1.00
_____For the New Amputee$3.50
_____Handbook for Lower Extremity Amputees$7.00
_____Handicapped Drivers Mobility Guide$1.00
_____Hygenic Problems of the Amputee$1.00
_____List of Sports Organizations and Resources$2.00
_____Missing Limbs - Still a Tingle$1.50
_____On the Road to Recovery-Lower Limb Amputations$2.00
_____Pain and the Amputee$1.00
_____Phantom Limbs$3.00
_____Pre-Prosthetic Care for Below Knee$3.00
_____Prevention of Pressure Sores$1.00
_____Prosthetic and Assistive Devices for Special Activities$1.00
_____Prosthetic Management for High Level Lower Limb Amputees$1.00
_____Psychologial Aspects of Amputation$3.00
_____Single Handed for Arm Amputees$4.00
_____Strong at the Broken Places$6.00
_____The Walk Back$2.00
_____Things to Know About Amputation and Artificial Limbs$3.00
_____What to Expect When You Lose a Limb$4.00
_____Wheelchair Decal 4 x 4$2.00
_____Wheelchair Sports and Recreation$1.00
_____You Have a Choice - Improving Orthotic & Prosthetic Outcomes$4.50
_____You're Not Alone - Personal Stories of 38 Amputees$10.00
_____The Phantom Phenomenon$1.00
_____Stump and Phantom Limb Pain$1.00
_____Suggested Guidelines for Treatment of Phantom Pains$1.00
_____Final Details When Death Occurs (AARP)Free
_____How to Honor and Display the American FlagFree
_____Information on Death Benefits for Survivors of Deceased VeteransFree
_____Planning Your WillFree
_____Tips for AmputeesFree
_____Tips for Passengers With Special NeedsFree
_____Understanding WillsFree
_____VA History in BriefFree
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